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Embodied Being is a method built on the practice of listening deeply to the body and its inherent wisdom. Embodied Being is a framework for navigating life, particularly the aspects of it that relate to our physical and emotional health & wellbeing. This method began with The Embodied Pregnancy Journal by Zoë Etkin, which is a body-mind-spirit approach preparing for motherhood. Embodied Being expands upon this approach, incorporating new media and formats to provide you with more ways to access your embodiment practice. Whether you are getting in touch with your menstrual cycle and fertility for the first time, seeking support in a variety of aspects of motherhood/parenthood, or wanting to expand your sexuality, Embodied Being has an offering for you. 


From the forthcoming Embodied Pregnancy Guide by Zoë Etkin, "Embodiment is the felt experience of the body, not just awareness of one’s body as an object, but the entire body system (including the mind/spirit) as the subject. Descartes said, 'I think, therefore I am,' and in doing so, became partially responsible for the mind/body split that is still pervasive in our culture, our medicine, and our belief systems today. Throughout history, the concerns of the mind (particularly of the male mind) have trumped the concerns of the body. [...]Embodiment is the integration of the mind and body, the sexual being and the nurturer, the intellectual and the intuitive. Embodiment dissolves duality, creating a third space where one can step into their full self." Embodiment is subjective, individualized, and acknowledges the inner voice that everyone has inside them. With all of this in mind, Embodied Being supports women, families, mothers, and folks through the milestones of the human lifecycle, with a distinct focus around reproductive health and sexuality, family-making, and embodied wellness. Embodied Being supports folks who are interested in holistic approaches to health, and also those who seek medicalized care. The method encourages our community members to seek evidence based, individualized care, to create a strong relationship to one's intuition, and to practice checking in with the body on a regular basis. Our bodies are wise, the knowledge is there, and Embodied Being is here to help you access the wealth of wisdom that radiates through you. 

The founders


Embodied Being was developed by Zoë Etkin over the course of many years working as a writer, doula, and women's health educator/advocate. In 2015 she came out with The Embodied Pregnancy Journal, which she created to help prepare women to navigate their pregnancies and beyond with a more holistic, inner-journey focused approach. She noticed that many clients she worked with as a doula were not in touch with their intuition, body, or the emotional/psychological aspects of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and so she wanted to create an accessible guide to support folks through the process. She is currently writing the Embodied Pregnancy Guide, which expands upon all of these concepts and practices, and shakes up the landscape of what is typically published as a pregnancy guide. The book doesn't take the reader week by week, looking at fetal development, or what foods to avoid, it dives right in to self-examination, embodied practices, intuition-building, and much more. Zoë recently relocated her practice from Los Angeles to her hometown of Memphis, TN. While this has been a big change, it's been an important one. She is currently working with birth & postpartum doula clients, childbirth education students, and has created AWAKEN space, located in Cooper-Young, which offers the Embodied Being method groups and workshops. Zoë continues to offer in-person and skype coaching sessions, and will be releasing a series of E-Courses in the future. She's thrilled to launch the Embodied Being podcast, and to expand the possibilities and reach of this approach. To learn more about Zoë, see her website.

Initiator, Guide, Podcast Host, Curriculum Creator

Zoë Etkin


Bio coming.

Co-Creator of the Embodied Breastfeeding Workshop

Haley Ellis


Amy Moses graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center earning a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. She later completed a residency program in Seattle, WA through the Ola Grimsby Institute specializing in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. After moving back to the Memphis area 5 years ago, she started her women’s health practice at an outpatient clinic in Southaven, MS before opening her practice at Sundara Wellness Center in Memphis this past year where she is the Director of Pelvic Health. Amy is passionate about making pelvic health therapy available to all women. She teaches several pelvic health and awareness classes and seminars in the Memphis area and is passionate about empowering women through education as well as through treatment.

Co-Creator of the Embodied Postpartum Prep Workshop

Amy Moses

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 2.47.27 PM.png

Brooke has completed a 6 year apprenticeship in traditional midwifery and is awaiting certification through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). She began her midwifery apprenticeship with home birth practice, Trillium Womancare, in 2012, under the supervision of Amy Stewart-Banbury, CPM. She is a DONA trained birth doula and was a founding member of the Memphis Birth Collective. She has studied at The Farm and with Mercy in Action. She maintains her NeoNatal Resuscitation Certification and CPR, and is currently working toward her bachelors degree in the science of nursing and her CNM (certified nurse midwife) credentials. She is a birth assistant to Jodilyn Owen, CPM, founder of Cobblestone Midwifery and also to Nikia Grayson, DNP, MPH, CNM, FNP at births associated with Choices Center for Reproductive Health. She collaborates with Olivia Lomax, founder of Delta Groove yoga, to present well informed, birth centered prenatal yoga to the women of the Memphis Community.

Brooke believes in the astounding miracle of creating, growing and birthing a human being. She believes that this process is a natural one and that we are perfectly designed for it. She discusses often the importance of nutrition, movement, and emotional wellness that support a healthy pregnancy and balanced family. Brooke offers guidance to pregnant people rooted in current evidence research,
personal experience and individualized continual assessment so that families can make healthy and safe choices with the best information available.

Co-Creator of the Embodied Birthing Workshop Series

Brooke Prudhomme

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